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Our Mission and Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy

The mission of Natural Freedom is to act as an advocate for individuals with disabilities, elder care and other related needs. Our wish is to assist these individuals with training and supervision to achieve the most rewarding gift; freedom and independence. Our staff will Respect, Recognize and Promote...

  • Respect each individual for their uniqueness, dignity and worth and recognize each individual's need for self-respect and self-determination.
  • Recognize and promote each individual's need for personal happiness and satisfaction and the need for a meaningful life.
  • Recognize and promote each individual's need for communication and social interaction and leisure activities.
  • Promote each individual's independence by teaching and encouraging new skills.
  • Promote each individual's participation in decisions that affect her or him.

Experience, Qualifications, Current Operations & Success

Natural Freedom holds contracts with two major Michigan counties, Area Agency on Aging 1B and several local and national insurance companies. We also work with the Department of Human Services, several supports coordination agencies, as well as private care consumers. We are currently in the process of becoming accredited through CHAP, as well as contracting with Medicare. Our company is contracted to provide a variety of nursing, personal care, community living support, respite and behavioral services. Our agency has grown over the last fifteen years and we are proud to now service approximately 250 consumers and over 50 Support Coordinators.

Natural Freedom currently employs over two hundred fifty direct care workers, home health aides, nurses and behavioral trainers. Over the years we have provided twenty-four hour, seven day a week care for a multitude of consumers in their homes throughout Macomb and Oakland counties. Not only does our company provide staffing for individuals in their homes, we also own and operate two Semi-Independent Living Homes in Oakland County and also manage approximately 10 Semi-Independent Living Homes and Apartments.

We have an entire staffing department that handles our companies staffing needs. Our Staffing Coordinators work closely with Supports Coordinators, families and our own supervisors to determine the appropriate staffing needs. Our staffing department also makes weekly to semi-monthly follow-up calls to each consumer and/or their family to ensure we are providing the highest quality service.

All Employees are trained in CPR, First Aid, Recipient Rights, Cultural Competency, Blood Bourne Pathogens and Limited English Proficiency. Employees also have the option to take other trainings that assist them in providing quality care, such as medication training, seizure awareness and specialty disability information trainings such as Autism 101 & traumatic brain injuries.

Natural Freedom has an excellent track record with our annual audits from the local counties. Our Specialists review all service notes, timesheets and data tracking sheets for over 250 consumers twice monthly. Our records are always available to be reviewed by county and private agencies. We keep all records for the consumers and homes organized and easily accessible in our headquarters.

We are proud of a recent audit with Jefferson Wells resulting in a 100% accuracy rate, as well as, being recognized for Outstanding Quality of Service from the Area Agency on Aging 1B.

Natural Freedom is a dependable, diverse, versatile and well-experienced company that will effectively and efficiently provide consumers with the highest quality care.